Integrating Intute

The Intute database of Web resources will not be maintained after July 2011, however we will be link checking and carrying out essential support work throughout the next academic year. The majority of Integration services will still be available and supported on a "best efforts" basis.

The links below offer guidance on using the integration tools but please be aware that we do not recommend adding any more Integration services to your Websites or VLEs from now on, as no new content is being added to Intute.

To make a simple link to the Intute Home Page or a Subject Group Page see Simple Link to Intute.

To search the Intute catalogue from your website with only a basic knowledge of HTML use Intute-Lite.

To add more sophisticated Intute search options to your website use Intute-Include. (This requires installing a simple application on your Web server and Web administration abilities).

To include Intute in your cross-searching service use the Z39.50 target.

To incorporate the Intute catalogue into your Web services application see the Search and Retrieve Web Service (SRW).

To access Intute resources via OAI-PMH use the OAI-PMH repository.

To add the Intute search to your Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7 browser use the Intute OpenSearch Plugin.

Logos and graphics

Intute closed in July 2011. Please note that the site has now been archived and we are not adding any further resources to the catalogue or making any changes to existing content.